We Should Be One People

Our world is falling apart. No matter where you go, where you look, there is racial inequality. That mindset, that belief that one is better than another simply because of the colour of your skin, your level of education, where you were born or how much money you make is nothing more than stinking thinking, as Jon Ponder used to tell me.

Stinking thinking…

We need to realise that we are one, none better than the other. We need to recognise that those who are being oppressed have so much to offer all of us. We need to grow the hell up and act right.

These photos, in the slideshow below, are from the protest held in El Paso in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. The unity exhibited in these photos is what our society needs to be. Let’s work towards that, today.

Ik ben een fotograaf. Ik ben ook een verslaggever in mijn herstel. Uiteindelijk ben ik gewoon een man met een camera en geen talent. Reporter in recovery.

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