Peace and Calm in a Cemetery

I used to work at Mt Carmel Catholic Cemetery in El Paso, Texas. That was, by far, my most favourite job. I miss it. While working there, I discovered a feeling of peace, a calmness that I’ve never experienced before. I honestly believe this job, and what I felt while working there, led me to seek out both God and His Son, Jesus Christ.

Ever since working at Mt Carmel, photographing cemeteries has held a special place in my body of work – right behind Churches.

As you virtually travel through Evergreen Cemetery, Concordia and El Paso’s Jewish Cemetery, I hope you will be moved to visit these graveyards yourself and discover that peace and calm I’ve come to find.

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Ik ben een fotograaf. Ik ben ook een verslaggever in mijn herstel. Uiteindelijk ben ik gewoon een man met een camera en geen talent. Reporter in recovery.

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