Photos From the Past

This past week was a bad one. I lost two close friends – one to COVID and one to age. My bank account is so far in the negative it will take three lifetimes to recover from it. Finally, I have been harassed and bullied simply because of being Jewish.

I didn’t take any photos at all this week.

I’ve decided to take a trip back in time. The photos in this week’s post come from negatives and slides I have. A member of my family took each photo. You’ll find pictures from the 30s-40s, some from the 60s-70s and a few from a trip to Germany in 1983. There are also some slides from a trip to Egyp!


Ik ben een fotograaf. Ik ben ook een verslaggever in mijn herstel. Uiteindelijk ben ik gewoon een man met een camera en geen talent. Reporter in recovery.

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