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I’ve begun to add more art to DeviantArt, and you should check it out!

All of my art is for sale. Photography and art are how I support both my future work, as well as my family. If you see something you like, I hope you consider purchasing it.

It’s not easy as a small business and artist, competing with big box stores and their generic, motel, cookie-cutter looking art. It seems that far too many people would rather pay ridiculous prices for art at the local Walmart or Office Depot than support a small artist and his business. That, my friends, is sad.

“Choosing to support an independent business is an act of respect; it’s acknowledging the tremendous risk and challenges inherent to starting your own thing.” – Matt Kliegman (co-founder – The Smile, The Smile To Go, Black Seed Bagels)

I hope you will find some value in what I have to offer, then like it enough to hang a copy on your wall! For me, that would be great. It would validate what I have chosen to do for a living.

So I invite you to click the link below and visit my shop. Look around. If you don’t see anything you particularly like, let me know, I am more than happy enough to go out and capture the perfect image for you. You can reach me, by email, at

(For the next few months, I will be in the United States as international travel is not an adventure I wish to undertake. At least, not until Ireland is off its heavy restrictions)

ZipItZimmerman-NL – Professional, Photographer | DeviantArt

Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share.

If you would rather chip in with a bit of support, rahter than invest in a piece of art, you may do so below. Simply enter the dollar amount as the quantity.

Support – Zip It Zimmerman

The Coronavirus pandemic has crippled artists of all stripes. With lockdowns, businesses having to close temporarily, lack of commissions and grants I would typically apply to not accepting new applications, I need your support. You can contribute anything from $1.00 to $25,000 – It’s up to you!

Thank you!

Ik ben een fotograaf. Ik ben ook een verslaggever in mijn herstel. Uiteindelijk ben ik gewoon een man met een camera en geen talent. Reporter in recovery.

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