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Throughout this pandemic I have been associated with two Churches that have worked diligently to meet the needs of the community – be they spiritual or physical. These Churches and their Pastors have followed Matthew 25:35-40.

These Churches are San Elicario Catholic Church in San Elizario, Texas, and San Pablo Lutheran Church in El Paso’s Lower Valley.

In order to assist these two Churches with the work they do, I have created for illustrated Saints, the first in my series: San Elicario, San Pablo, San Francisco, and the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

Your purchase of this item supports San Elicario Catholic Church and San Pablo Church.

Should you purchase this four-image collection, you will receive all as an individual, high-quality digital files.

These files may be printed up to 30 by 45 inches.

You may use them in your Parish, for Sunday School, or other church-related purposes, or for any of your personal uses.

For 35+ years, I have been an artist, photographer, and photojournalist. I desire to share my view of the world with others.

This file may be printed for non-commercial, home use only. The copy you receive WILL NOT have a watermark.

Simply click below to purchase and support!

Illustrated Saints Series

Your purchase of this item supports San Elicario Catholic Church and San Pablo Church. This is a digital print of San Elicario, San Pablo, San Francisco and the Sactred Hearts of Mary and Jesus – all my favourites to have around my home!

To support these Churches directly, select a link below to be taken to thier funding pages:

For San Pablo Lutheran Church and Ysleta Lutheran Mission Human Care:


Items can be shipped to or dropped at the YLM Campus, Building #14. Please call ahead to let us know you are coming, especially if you plan to arrive after office hours or on a weekend. (915) 858-2588 Ysleta Lutheran Mission Human Care 301 S.

For San Elicario Catholic Church:



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