For just at thirty-five years I’ve been taking photos. I remember my first camera, a Kodak Instamatic X-15F 126. The memories I have of taking pictures with that camera – I still have that camera!

I can recall the day my family was driving over Transmountain, here in El Paso, and we pulled over so I could snap a photo of a foggy valley that had a hiking trail wandering into it. That was the first photo I ever sold. It was also the first photo that ever made its way into a newspaper!

Over the years, I progressed from a photographer to photojournalist to being the editor of a hyper-local newspaper. I’ve also discovered that during the latter part of my career, I lost any time I had for my first passion – photography.

Between a couple of unfortunate events I covered, and the rise of every reporter being called “fake news,” or “lamestream media,” I’ve decided to go back to my first love.

I am going to limit what I shot to what I love: street photography, churches and high school sports with my favourite studio flower shots thrown into the mix.

Here, at ZipItZimmerman, I will be offering prints of my work, in limited quantities, for sale to those who are interested. These photos will appear here, for a limited time, and then consigned to storage.

I hope that you will like my work enough to support it by making a purchase. Or by joining my Patreon.

Pax et Bonum,

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