short-form poetry

My favourite form of poetry is the short-form: haiku, tanka, anything under ten lines. For me, the determination to say much with as few words as possible is calming, peaceful.

What follows are some of my favourites. I hope you enjoy.

a blank page
full of stories

one bee
the flowers

evening commute
the cows that survive
get to go home

searching for you,
I find me.
searching for me,
I find you.
the light of the moon,
just the light from the sun,

The leaves
Like Koi
Pool golden
Beneath the
Maple tree
In the rain

their peaceful song
a field full
of bluebells

kiss me sweetly
and discretely
hidden by the pages
of the business section
before you walk away
showing me your stockings
and the fine silk seams
that connect earth to heaven

footsteps fall softly
following the path
of the poet

frantic raindrops leap,
trying to escape their fate,
knowing not their home,
knowing not they’re home

first draft-
the flipping

All the poems above were written between 2000 and 2004.

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